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Are You a Democrat? A Republican? Other? NKY Forum Looks at Why

Why are you a Democrat, a Republican, or neither?
With ninety percent of Northern Kentucky voters registered to either of the two major political parties, the Northern Kentucky Forum will take a look at what makes some of the Party members choose the one they did.
On Tuesday at the NKU METS Center in Erlanger, a panel of politicos from both parties will discuss why they are members.
"In this time of what can often be viewed as political entrenchment I think it is particularly important to revisit the basis for our political beliefs and affiliations. The Northern Kentucky Forum is proud to facilitate this conversation in our continuing mission to bring insights and engagement into public policy and current events," said Northern Kentucky Forum Board Chair Tara Ford in a news release.
The Forum has created a survey that will be used in the discussion that asks respondents about their political party affiliation and how they vote. You can take the survey by clicking here.
Panelists include Republicans Rick Brueggeman, Steve Pendery, Greg Shumate, and Democrats Kathy Groob, Mark Hayden, and Col Owens.
The event, which runs from 8:15 - 9:45 a.m., will be moderated by WKRC news reporter Joe Webb. It is free to attend.
Photo: A previous NKY Forum event about libraries and how they are funded/RCN file