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Counseling Group Opens in New Space in Downtown Covington

Mainspring Wellness, a mental-health counseling group, has moved into their new location on Scott Boulevard in Covington and are happy with the benefits their new digs provide to them and their clients.

Christopher Morandi and his two colleagues, Ruth Verst and Matthew Arnzen, now have more space and control of their work environment in the Scott Boulevard storefront.

“The space gives us more of a big open room to have more people seen at a time and so yeah, I think you could say that the new space has improved our services,” Morandi said.

The group works mostly with court-mandated clients and they also do educational classes or groups centered around domestic violence, anger, and family-conflict issues. The Foundations for Living Program is a 12-week psycho-educational life skills group for individuals in recovery. They also offer a men's domestic violence group (batterer intervention) which is a 28-week court ordered, strength-based, psycho-educational group. Mainspring Wellness also gives seminars on co-parenting and the effects of abuse and neglect on children.

Because their clients are court-ordered through district court and family court, finding a location that is easy for people to find once leaving a courtroom assists Mainspring's business and eliminates confusion for people trying to find their office and their services.

The new location is mere blocks from the Kenton County Justice Center in Covington.

“A lot of our clients can get to us pretty easily,” Morandi said. “We work with a range of people. We work with the people out of District Court and people out of Family Court. The people we work with are all adults for now.”

The group has already started to lead classes in their new spot.

“We're kind of happy to be in our own space and kind of have our own vibe here, so yeah it's been good,” said Morandi.

The space was previously occupied by flow - a shop for men, which is moving to Pike Street.

Mainspring Wellness works with local and national resources that help the people that come to see them. For mental health resources, they coordinate with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the Cincinnati Warm Line which is to help individuals in their recovery from mental health issues. For substance abuse issues, they have information on the Northern Kentucky Alcoholics Anonymous and Northern Kentucky Al-Anon/Alateen for relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience. Mainspring Wellness also has resources for cases concerning domestic violence and as well as legal resources.

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor