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Tie Vote Again for Campbell Parks Appointment, Road Fix Moves Forward

Another step was taken by the Campbell County Fiscal Court to accept bids for reconstruction of Fox Run Road.

County Administrator Matt Elberfeld explained how pre-existing roads that aren't on the county road list can be accepted by the county for maintenance. What that requires is that the property owners pay for the cost of reconstructing their road to meet the county specification. The first step in the process was for 50% of the property owners on Fox Run Road to submit a petition into the Fiscal Court asking consideration for this option. 

On Wednesday, the Fiscal Court officially recognized the submission of the required petition.

Now that the petition has been submitted, the county will get an engineering estimate for the cost of reconstruction. After a reconstruction estimate has been established, 100% of the property owners then need to agree to incur those costs in order to rebuild the street to county specifications. If that is agreed upon, the County will then assess their property for their equal share of the cost of the reconstruction. Since the road will be shared equally for the property owners on Fox Run Road, so too will the cost of rebuilding the street.

Tie vote again for parks appointment

For the second straight meeting, the Fiscal Court found itself tied in a vote concerning the appointment of Larissa Scott as a seasonal Parks and Recreation assistant. Commissioners Brian Painter and Charlie Coleman each voted against the appointment, but Commissioner Tom Lampe and Judge/Executive Steve Pendery each voted yes. Because the vote was tied for two consecutive meetings, Judge Pendery then had the legal authority to appoint Scott to the job and did so. No public comment was made from the Fiscal Court concerning the impasse, but Judge Pendery did call the tie vote an unusual circumstance.


The Fiscal Court passed a resolution that allocates funds from the mental health and intellectual disability tax to various organizations that do work in the field. The total amount to be allocated to these organizations is $784,000.

A similar resolution was passed to allocate funds from the senior services tax fund which will go to various recipient agencies and programs. The total amount to be allocated to these agencies is $280,000. The amount is 13 percent less funding than last year's allocation.

Judge Pendery explained why there is less money this year than last.

“This isn't because of a cut. It has to do with how the money comes in and how it's been spent in the past,” he said. “During the recession, we were reluctant to cut money to programs even though we had less money coming in relatively speaking than what the demand called for. So we spent down some of the reserve during the recession that we had on hand, and now we find that we're getting to the end of that cushion and we need to restrain our enthusiasm a little bit according to the amount of money that comes in, so that's why there has been less money allocated this year. I want the people to know that this is not something that we would cut. This is in fact something that we boosted funding for during the worst of the recession because that's when the need was the greatest.”

Other notes:

The Campbell County Senior Center has been nationally recognized as the most used in the the state of Kentucky.

Campbell County Police Department is adding three new police officers to its staff after Everett “Britt” Ross, Amanda Bray, and Carl Harris Jr. were all appointed to their new post by the Fiscal Court on Wednesday night. Police Chief Craig Sorrell said that the vacancies have come from two recent transfers and a retirement and that two of the new officers are recruits and one is a transfer into the Police Department.

The County will also accepted the bid from Mego Construction to resurface Lickert and Wagoner Roads. Lickert Road will cost $130,000 and for Wagoner Road almost $176,000 for the two-inch asphalt surface they will apply.

Chris Gentry of the Kentucky Motorcycle Association received a commemorative framed document that proclaims May 2015 as Motorcycle Awareness Month.

June 9th has been proclaimed as Barbara Howard Day in Campbell County. Ms. Howard is retiring from Redwood which is an organization that guides children and adults with severe and multiple disabilities by providing educational, therapeutic and vocational services. Howard worked at Redwood for 36 years.

“Barbara Howard has been the heart and soul of the Redwood organization,” said Judge Pendery.

The Campbell County Solid Waste, Players for the Planet and the Cincinnati Reds will host a free electronic recycling event on May 17 at the Newport Pavilion Target parking lot. The event is from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., all types of electronics will be accepted and participants will receive a free pair of tickets to a 2015 Cincinnati Reds game while supplies last.

Story & photo by Bryan Burke, associate editor