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Rick Robinson: When Kinky Friedman Comes to Newport, See Him

On the heels of releasing his first studio album in over three decades – The Loneliest Man I Ever Met – Kinky Friedman has hit the road. Neither his show nor his new album will disappoint.

I caught up with the Kinkster backstage at The Hamilton in DC on the fourth stop of what he calls a “Hank Williams’ level” whirlwind tour of 30 cities in 30 days. Over shots of “Mexican mouthwash” and cigars, we talked about the new album and the tour. He rolls into in Northern Kentucky next month with a show that shouldn’t be missed.

For a NSFW view of Kinky in concert, click here.

If you’ve never seen Kinky Freidman live, his show is best described as schizophrenic, politically incorrect performance art. Its part stand-up comedy and part serious social commentary – half raucous renditions of Texas Jewboy standards and half newly cut, deeply meaningful blues and folk. A mid-concert reading about his father from a chapter in one of his forty-plus books is simply captivating.  

Every song comes with a story and every politically incorrect reference comes with the listener’s forced evaluation of their own personal biases. Kinky Friedman is a rhyming Lenny Bruce in a black cowboy hat and boots.

Go see Kinky Friedman at the Southgate House Revival on Monday, November 9th and invite a friend who is offended by politically incorrect speech. Once they realize the joke’s on them, they’ll enjoy the show just as much as you.


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