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Home Builders Association Unanimously Passes SD1 Budget Resolution

The Home Builders Associations of Northern Kentucky’s Board of Directors passed a unanimous resolution regarding the upcoming 2017 Sanitation District No.1 budget on Thursday, March 31.

“The members of this association are adamant about the need for growth in Northern Kentucky,” said Brian Miller, Executive Vice President of the organization. “This is basic logic.  Just like in any operation, if you have increasing expenses you can do one of two things to remain solvent. You can raise revenue by creating and selling more product or you can cut expenses.

"By growing the system and bringing more homeowners and businesses online you are growing the base and will, in the long run, have more resources to address Northern Kentucky’s sewer infrastructure issues. We ought to be looking for ways to grow the pie and not argue over ways to slice it up. We were happy to see construction funding for the Richwood pump station in the current budget and engineering funding for Hebron, but now is the time to secure construction funding for Hebron and look out into the future to see the issues in Kenton and Campbell counties. We have strong demand for housing and commercial structures now - today - and Northern Kentucky cannot afford to sit idly by and watch this opportunity to create jobs and have a vibrant community pass us by."

- Staff report/Photo via Facebook