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Taylor Mill Adopts Its Budget for Next Year

The Taylor Mill City Commission adopted the 2016-2017 budget at Wednesday night's meeting . The approximately $7.6 million budget was presented for the first time Monday night at a special meeting.

"I have two things to say about the budget," said Mayor Daniel Bell after the unanimous vote. "The first thing is that it is a sound budget, and there is no debt again this year. The second thing is that we have put aside money to replace one of our ambulances, and could have bought it this year except for the fact that the state set new standards for the ambulances so the price went from about $150,000 to $240,000, so we are planning to order the ambulance in December so that it is delivered in July of 2017."

City Administrator Jill Bailey said the cost also includes retrofitting the other ambulance with a power lift load system so that it can withstand G forces.

"I think we did it the right way," Bell said, referring to the fact that the city is saving up for the purchase instead of buying it first and paying for it later.

Bell also said that the budget included salary increases for police and fire because the city found that after training the new recruits it wouldn't be long before they lost them to another city or county. Fire Chief John Stager said that they have several veterans at the fire department, but they have trouble keeping the newer recruits.

Robert Seitzinger, city engineer, gave an update on the Rust Road stabilization project which is set to begin in July and will take about a month to complete. He also said he met with several people about the lights and traffic signals at Pride Parkway and Honey Drive.

Mayor Bell said that the city is working on plans to repair the slippage on Wolf Road, even though technically only half the road is in Taylor Mill and Covington is contesting who owns the road. Bell said they want the road to be fixed right and as permanently as possible, so they are working toward that end.

A traffic accident this week on Taylor Mill Road involved a 90-year old woman had a medical emergency and lost control of her car, ending up in the living room of a house, and Commissioner Ed Kuehne was one of the first people on the scene. Kuehne became an EMT in 1970, and has a long history of being a first responder, including being the chief of Florence Rescue, and is currently on the Boone/Kenton Water Rescue team. Kuehne made the 911 call and was able to help the woman, who was not wearing a seat belt. Kuehne took the opportunity to encourage everybody to learn CPR because no one really knows when they will need it.

Commissioner Debbie Kreimborg talked about the upcoming events in parks and recreation. On July 28 the mobile Vietnam Wall will be in Taylor Mill until August 1 and it has been about 15 years since the wall was in this area. She invited everyone to come and be a part of the event. She also asked veterans in particular to contact the city to be a part of the event.

Bailey congratulated City Clerk Gena Forsyth for receiving the David Smith Memorial Scholarship, which will cover her second year of a three year city clerk certificate. The award was given by the Kentucky League of Cities.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor