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Taylor Mill Prepares for Vietnam Exhibit, Honors Police Sergeant

Taylor Mill City Administrator Jill Bailey read a proclamation Wednesday night declaring July 28 to August 1 Vietnam Veteran's days in Taylor Mill. These are the days that the portable Vietnam War Wall will be in Taylor Mill's Pride Park. The last time this area hosted the wall was fifteen years ago when the city of Florence had it, and many people visited it.

"There are 58,306 names on the wall, including 1,300 who were unaccounted for, 8 women, and 16 chaplains," Bailey read. "We want to honor the heroism of all the Vietnam Veterans and the sacrifices of their families."

The public works department related the measures they are taking in preparation: building a platform, having pavement for people in wheelchairs, building a stage, running electric, putting up flagpoles, and setting lighting that will illuminate the wall 24/7, to list a few.

"I just want to say, this hits me hard," said Commissioner Ed Kuehne. "There were seven of us who hung around together in high school. Two of us went to college; the other five went to Vietnam. Those five names are on that wall. This hits me hard."

Commissioners also honored Sergeant Karen Spanyer, who was one of 213 graduates of the FBI academy in Quantico for the 264th session. Spanyer is the fifth officer from Taylor Mill to attend the academy and the first woman to graduate. During her tenure, Spanyer ran a 6.1 mile race, and logged 264 miles on a stationary bicycle. Spanyer's husband and two grandchildren were present to see her award.

"Good leaders all want their organizations to be the best they can be," she told the commission. "The people are our best asset, and we have their support. Taylor Mill is a great place to live and work."

Mayor Dan Bell told the audience that the City of Taylor Mill has "100 percent got your back", and the city wants their officers to be the best they can be.

Bailey explained that there was going to be a first reading of an ordinance annexing 36 acres of Pride Park from Covington, but because of some questions that had to be answered by the engineer, who was not present, the matter was tabled until next month. Mayor Bell said that ever since he became mayor he has wanted to make sure all of Pride Park was within the city limits. He clarified that the 36 acres in question are owned by the city but are in Covington, and it is a routine matter between cities to annex and de-annex small amounts of land.

Mayor Bell commended Commissioner Kuehne for becoming the chair of the board at the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK), and Kuehne said he was honored to be the chair and hoped that the board would be as good as it has been.

Fire Chief John Stager told the commission that the department will be doing CPR classes in August and has once again partnered with the Red Cross to have smoke detectors for those who need them.

Kuehne told the audience that the walking trails in Pride Park are finished and he challenged people to come out and try them.

Treasurer Angie Wright said that the new audit will be on October 24, and the city website has a pie chart that shows how the city spends its money. The pie chart is the beginning of an effort on the city's part to be more transparent.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor